Airmar Technology Corporation

Airmar Technology continues to be a premier supplier of the world’s best performing transducers, Smart sensors, WeatherStation Instruments and now, NMEA2000® sensor gateway systems with the introduction of the SmartBoat system. Our commitment to innovative technologies such as Chirp sonar-ready transducers advances the performance level of our partners sounders to new heights. The end result is crisper, higher resolution images on their fishfinders than ever before. Our integrated NMEA 2000 Smart Sensors, such as the DST810 continue to put the calibration of the sensor into the sailors hand with our CAST app.  And speed-thru-water performance is the best in class with the revolutionary design of the G2 paddlewheel.  

Above the deck, Airmar’s compact, rugged, ultrasonic WeatherStation® instruments deliver all the current weather conditions required for cruising, sailing or fishing, including dynamic true wind speed for accurate wind readings while moving through the water. With no moving parts, these tough multisensors are unaffected by the wear, salt accumulation, and bird activity that cause mechanical anemometers used in marine environments to become inaccurate.  Weather data is delivered directly via NMEA 0183 or directly on to the NMEA 2000® network. 

Beginning in 2022, Airmar diversified our marine product lines with the introduction of the SmartBoat® System of NMEA 2000 Sensor gateway and control modules.  A truly revolutionary product line which allows for the direct connection of analog or digital sensor of any protocol to be connected to the module. Once connected the data from that sensor is put onto the NMEA 2000 network for display at the helm MFDs.  But there’s more, each sensor on the network, regardless of if it is connected to a SmartBoat module or not, can be programmed to generate the alerts and warnings that matter to the captain for visibility on the MFDs.  Also, they can be programmed to perform a nearly limitless list of automated tasks based on sensor states.  For example, SmartBoat can be set up to automatically actuate pumps to move fuel from reserve tank to primary tank once the primary tank hits a predetermined level. That’s just one simple way SmartBoat delivers more control of onboard data at the helm.   

Applications Include:

SmartBoat Networking
SmartBoat System is the most capable system for networking onboard sensors of all types.
Analog and NMEA2000® instruments deliver the highest level of Speed, depth and temperature data to sailors.
FoulFree keeps your signal clear by protecting transducers from marine growth.
Recreational Fishfinder Screen
Chirp-ready transducers deliver sonar superiority to every brand of fishfinder.

Product Lines

Dynamic True Wind

Airmar's WX Series Calculates True Wind Speed and Direction