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What Makes SmartBoat Unique?

  • The only solution with NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, J1939, and J1587 support in a single module
  • The only solution for fully customizable MFD alerts
  • The only solution with built-in configuration software and diagnostics
  • The only solution available with Ethernet bridging today, supporting NMEA OneNet
  • Advanced logging features including the ability to "replay" saved logs
  • Savings of up to 68% for a typical retrofit
  • 80% reduction of N2K cabling in a typical retrofit
AIRMAR SmartBoat Module
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NMEA 2000® Network for a Mid-Size Vessel with SmartBoat

SmartBoat provides a simple and cost-effective way to connect and manage a variety of analog and digital sensors and devices to the NMEA 2000® network - regardless of their protocols. This results in the creation of an intelligent and capable NMEA 2000 network where all data is readily accessible on your MFD.

Monitor Vital Parameter:
  • Battery status
  • Bilge pumps
  • Diesel fuel flow
  • Engine J1939/J1708/J1587
  • NMEA 0183
  • Fuel consumption
  • Temperatures
  • Tank levels
  • Weather conditions
  • Voltage
    and much more
Digital Switching & Automation:
  • Alerting & automation
  • Custom alarms & notifications
  • Timers & counters
  • Fully programmable actions
  • Relay control
Network Bridging & Filtering
  • BUS traffic and PGNs in human readable format
  • Vessel data recorder
  • PGN value logging
  • Searchable network traffic
  • NMEA 2000 traffic replay


Lazzara Yacht Retrofit with Airmar’s SmartBoat® Solution

Analog to Digital – Electronics Refit of a 1988 Nautique with Airmar’s SmartBoat and Diesel Flow Meters

Utilizing all existing sensors, SmartBoat replaces a factory installed ISIS system

SmartBoat Upgrade on a 90’ Burger including Airmar Diesel Flow Meters

Overview of Airmar’s SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters

Deep Dive into Airmar’s Diesel Flow Meters

A simple and cost-effective way to connect and manage a variety of analog and digital sensors and devices to the NMEA 2000® network – regardless of their protocols.

Unique. Powerful. Universal. Expandable.

At the heart of the solution is the Airmar SmartBoat Module (ASM), a universal NMEA 2000 device with browser-based SmartFlex software that eliminates the need to buy additional hardware, software, or dedicated displays to program the modules or view the data. All data is readily accessible on your MFD.

SmartFlex View uses intuitive, menu-driven guidance for the set up and control of all connected devices. Drop down menus make set-up intuitive and fast.

SmartFlex View is accessible by any device with a web browser, e.g., laptop, tablet or any wireless device with a web browser.

Airmar SmartBoat Modules (ASMs) boast an exceptionally versatile alerting system. Users can define alerts for any PGN on the network, tailoring them to individual preferences and creating customized alerts based on real-time sensor status.

Examples include defining personalized oil pressure alerts at varying RPM ranges; or alerts for specific conditions, such as exceeding a designated wind speed while an awning is deployed, with the added convenience of automated awning retraction.

The SmartFlex Alert configuration offers flexibility with four types of alert variables:

  1. PGN Value: Extract information directly from PGN messages to create alerts.
  2. Calculated Value: Formulate logic equations from multiple values for sophisticated alert conditions.
  3. Timer: Set alerts based on whether a desired variable did or did not occur within a specified time frame.
  4. Event Counter: Monitor events over time, triggering alerts when a specific event happens a defined number of times.

Binary Switch Values and NMEA 2000 Integration

Extend your control beyond mere alerts. The Airmar SmartBoat Solution enables the setting of binary switch values and the generation of NMEA 2000 bus alert messages. This integration allows you to effortlessly display alerts on a wide range of Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), ensuring that you have a comprehensive overview of your vessel's status.

The SmartFlex Filter empowers users with precise control over PGN message traffic between the primary and secondary NMEA 2000 buses. Offering a straightforward programming interface, users can effortlessly determine whether a specific PGN from one bus is bridged to the other. The SmartFlex Filter utilizes an intuitive 'AllowList/BlockList' configuration approach, providing users with the flexibility to seamlessly manage the bridging or blocking of PGNs based on their preferences.

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