Airmar Technology Corporation

The patented Airmar G2183 GPS, H2183 Heading Sensor and the combination, GH2183 deliver GPS positioning and highly accurate heading information. The combination GH2183 eliminates the need to install a GPS antenna above deck and a heading sensor below deck. Only one above-deck installation is required, saving installation time and money. The waterproof housing protects the internal components—all of which are solid-state (no moving parts). This means our sensors can withstand almost any condition that exists in the marine environment. What sets GH2183 above the competition is our 2° heading accuracy in changing conditions—including rough seas, hard turns, and steep heeling. Airmar’s unique dynamic-motion correction software is the key difference, allowing the GH2183 to maintain 2° of accuracy even if the vessel is pitching and rolling up to 30°. Also unique to the GH2183, the three-axis accelerometer and three-axis rate gyro are temperature compensated across the entire operating range, resulting in precise tilt and rate-of-turn data. The fast, 10 Hz, update rate along with best-in-class heading and GPS data, make it the choice for interfacing with autopilots, chart plotters, navigation software, and radar systems.


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