Airmar Technology Corporation

Airmar is the foremost provider of high-quality instruments and transducers for integration into systems for marine survey, aquaculture, side-scan, weather monitoring and more. Our attention to quality and collaborative culture, have made us the partner of choice for companies skimming the surface for survey applications and exploring the depths with ROVs and UUVs.  We enjoy working with our customers who utilize our Chirp-ready and Conventional (CW) transducers, EchoRange Smart survey transducers, 200m Mini Altimeter Kit, heading sensors, ACOMMs and more.

Our WeatherStation® instruments continue to be the weather station of choice for leading AUV and bouy companies whose platforms endure the roughest conditions.  Airmar WeatherStation Instruments are compact, accurate and proven tough with an IPX7 waterproof rating. And with no moving parts, WeatherStation instruments are unaffected by the wear, salt accumulation, and bird activity that cause mechanical anemometers to become inaccurate. When equipped with a heating element, these multisensors continue to deliver outstanding performance, even in ice-prone areas. 

Applications Include:

Liquid Robotics
Ocean proven IPX-7 rated WeatherStation and Speed/Temp sensors
Belcher Amundsen
Heated WeatherStation Instruments for challenging climates
Simple Unmanned
Survey transducers for vessels of every size - shallow to deepest depths
ACOMMs, Altimeters and side-scan for ROVs and UUVs

Product Lines

Dynamic True Wind

Airmar's WX Series Calculates True Wind Speed and Direction