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200m Mini Altimeter Kit Smart™ Sensor

Part Number200m Mini Altimeter Kit Smart Sensor

200m Mini altimeter

Designed for AUVs and ROVs

Airmar's 200m Mini Altimeter Kit is an ultra-compact altimeter kit designed for measuring height off the sea floor and underwater structures. Pressure rated for up to 1,000 meters, the 200m Mini Altimeter delivers 99.4% accuracy at 5.8 meters. The 200m Mini Altimeter delivers excellent performance from a small, lightweight configuration optimized for use on USVs and AUVs. The sensor is available in either 170 kHz or 200 kHz. With low power consumption of just 150 mA at 12 V, the 200m Mini Altimeter is perfect for power-limited vessels. Optional water temp sensor available.

In full auto mode, the sounding rate is variable with depth; in manual mode, the sounding rate is configurable to run up to 10X per second. The data output rate and ping rate are the same in manual mode, and one ping produces one depth output. In full auto mode, the data output rate is configurable (0.1 to 25 seconds per interval). The 200m Mini Altimeter communicates NMEA 0183 serial data protocol over RS232 or RS422.

The kits consist of a 1,000 m rated transducer with 15.5" (39.4 cm) cable with connector, matching bulkhead connector, transceiver board with mounting hardware, and wiring diagram. Water temp sensor optional.

200m Mini altimeter