Airmar Technology Corporation

ST900 Speed and Temperature Sensor SST

Part NumberST900SS-A

ST900/ST950 Speed and Temperature Sensor

High-Performance Speed/Temperature Sensor

Speed performance has been taken to the next level with the introduction of the ST900 Speed/Temperature sensor. Featuring the new Gen2 Paddlewheel, the ST900 out-performs all other paddlewheel sensors for responsive startup and linearity. The Gen2 Paddlewheel begins delivering accurate speed reporting as low as 0.3 knots and maintains smooth speed output through 45 knots.

The plastic, bronze, and stainless-steel outer housing options are compatible with all hull types. These low-profile housings are nearly flush and minimize drag with only 5 mm (3/16") extending outside the hull. The housing has a valve assembly that helps to minimize water ingress in the bilge when the sensor is removed for routine maintenance of the paddlewheel.

ST900/ST950 Speed and Temperature Sensor