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Hydrophones and Altimeters

Hydrophones are used to record or listen to sound underwater. Conventional ceramic based hydrophones are made with individual ceramics which are subject to variations batch to batch. Airmar manufactures hydrophones designed with our exclusive PiezoFlex PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) polymer. PVDF is processed in continuous batches which results in intrinsic uniformity of the sheet. It has a broader frequency response than piezoceramics, and is therefore not limited for use at one specific frequency. Another advantage of Piezoflex over piezoelectric ceramic is its’ low acoustic impedance, which is closer to that of water. A close impedance match enables efficient transduction of acoustic signals in water.

Flexibility of our PiezoFlex polymer PVDF material opens opportunities for many applications where conformal shapes are desired. Shaped PVDF hydrophones possess the same piezoelectric sensitivity as flat sheet material, yet permanently retain their shape to meet the needs of your applications.

The many advantages of PiezoFlex PVDF Hydrophones include:

  • More robust than ceramic designs
  • High uniformity (unit to unit)
  • Inherent damping for receivers
  • Flat Rx response
  • Flat phase response
  • Configurable to flat, cylindrical or spherical shaped elements
  • High reliability and long life
  • Low cost

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