Airmar Technology Corporation

Airmar Advisory - Superficial Rust on Stainless Steel Transducers

AIRMAR Technology offers a wide range of transducers in stainless steel housings. Stainless steel transducer models also have recently become more popular. Over the years there are been reports of rust appearing on stainless housings after time deployed in the water. Surface rust, normally iron deposits from other sources in the water, are usually superficial in nature and are considered to be normal. If desired the housings can be cleaned with an emery cloth and water. Below is a before and after image of an SS164 housing that was cleaned in less than 5 minutes.

Before cleaning

Transducer before cleaning


After cleaning

Transducer after cleaning


It is recommended that water based anti-fouling paint be used on all marine transducers. MDR-720 is a popular anti-fouling paint for transducers that will help prevent marine growth as well as surface rust.

Please note that surface rust is not a concern in regards to transducer performance. Customers reporting surface rust should be advised to clean the housing as noted.

Please contact your Sales Account Manager if you have questions.