Airmar Technology Corporation

TM185MW Medium Ultra-Wide Chirp-ready Transom Mount

Part NumberTM185MW

TM185M-TM185HW Chirp-ready Transom Mount

1 kW

AIRMAR’s innovative transducer designs have revolutionized the fishing world, and they continue to do so with the NEW Chirp-ready TM185 Medium Ultra-Wide (MW) Transom Mount transducer. The TM185MW takes transducer design and performance to a whole new level by using medium frequency (60-100 kHz) with an incredible ultra-wide beamwidth ranging from 57-73° port-starboard to 16° average fore-aft. Maximum coverage under the boat is achieved with this medium-frequency transducer, serving anglers who target pelagic species in the upper water column. Airmar’s new Medium Ultra-Wide models are perfect for seeking deeper species with a frequency band from 60‑100 kHz.

The TM185MW Transom Mount is a 1 kW transducer housed in one of AIRMAR’s most popular housings. Transom models are best suited for small and trailered vessels where a thruhull installation is not practical. Simple to install and ideal for small trailered vessels where a thru-hull may interfere with loading.

TM185M-TM185HW Chirp-ready Transom Mount