Airmar Technology Corporation

TM165HW Wide-beam Transom Mount

Part NumberTM165HW

TM165HW Wide-beam Chirp-ready Transom Mount

600 W

Maximize the coverage under your boat and see what you’ve been missing. Airmar’s TM165HW features a high-frequency range of 150 to 250 kHz and a super-wide beamwidth, averaging 30°, providing maximum coverage across the frequency band. High frequency delivers superior shallow-water performance, bottom detail, and fish-target separation. In addition to improving the performance of Chirp-capable fishfinders, anglers using this wide-beam transducer will achieve three-times the coverage compared to standard, high-frequency, Chirp-ready transducers.

Wide beamwidth, together with the high-frequency range, provides vast bottom coverage and precise fish detection in the upper-water column that can sometimes go unseen with narrow-beam transducers. Airmar’s wide-beam format also creates crisper and larger return images on the display.

TM165HW Wide-beam Chirp-ready Transom Mount