Airmar Technology Corporation

SS260 Traditional/CW Thru-hull

Part NumberSS260

SS260 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull

1 kW

The performance of Airmar’s "1 kW, 260 family" of transducers is legendary. The combination of power and sensitivity has made this the high-performing transducer of choice with conventional fishfinders. Operating at 50 and 200 kHz, the narrow, 6° beam at 200 kHz provides excellent target resolution and crisp images of fish holding tight to wrecks and reefs. The 50 kHz is excellent at deep-water detection, and its wide, 19° beam yields broad coverage under the boat.

SS260 features a stainless steel housing which is compatible with all hull materials. Installed with the included, custom-fitting, High-performance Fairing, the SS260 gives excellent results at speeds up to 30 knots (34 MPH).

SS260 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull