Airmar Technology Corporation

R111LM Chirp-ready In-hull

Part NumberR111LM

R111LH-R111LM Chirp-ready In‑hull

2 kW

Having the right tool for the job makes the job easier and gives better results. The right tool for covering deep-water haunts of swordfish, tuna, and other species is a 2 kW, low to medium-frequency transducer. The Chirp-ready R111LM delivers the deep-water performance of the low frequency down to 1829 m (6000') plus the detailed returns produced by the narrower beams of the medium band.

Chirp technology shows 5 to 10 times-greater detail and resolution than conventional frequencies. The R111LM transmits across the low frequency bandwidth of 38 to 75 kHz, and the medium frequency from 80 to 130 kHz. This transducer delivers up to 87 kHz of total bandwidth in a single installation.

The transducer is installed in the included tank which is cut to the boat’s deadrise angle and affixed inside the hull. When the transducer is placed inside the tank, it is properly oriented for optimal performance. The R111LM is a popular choice for customers not wanting to drill a hole in their hull and for trailered or multi-hull boats.

R111LH-R111LM Chirp-ready In‑hull