Airmar Technology Corporation

PM411LWM Ultra-wide Chirp-ready Pocket/Keel Mount

Part NumberPM411LWM

PM111LH-PM111LM-PM111-LHW Chirp-ready Pocket/Keel Mount

2 kW

Today’s top billfish-tournament captains are calling Airmar’s PM411LWM their “go to” transducer for seeking out targets and pinpointing them in deep water. This ultra-wide transducer features a 40° beamwidth for an amazing amount of fish-finding coverage under the boat. Coupling the low-frequency range of 40 to 60 kHz with the medium range of 80 to 130 kHz, this tournament-series transducer reveals more fish in the water column than ever before.

Captains are pairing this transducer with a PM275LHW or a B175HW for a combined package covering low to high frequencies with both wide and narrow beams.

PM111LH-PM111LM-PM111-LHW Chirp-ready Pocket/Keel Mount