Airmar Technology Corporation

P95M Chirp-ready In-hull

Part NumberP95M

P75M-P95M Chirp-ready In‑hull

300 W

Ideal for inshore or coastal fishing in shallow to medium depths, the P95M is a 300 W, Chirp-ready, in-hull transducer working on the medium-frequency band of 95 to 155 kHz. This bandwidth is great for inshore saltwater as well as lakes, providing amazing target definition down to 182 m (600'). In-hull transducers are the perfect solution for solid-fiberglass hulls, especially those that are trailered or lifted frequently. Designed for smaller boats up to 8 m (25') with a solid-fiberglass hull.

The P95M includes a plastic mounting base which is aligned to the centerline and secured inside the hull. Then it is filled with non-toxic antifreeze. The transducer is inserted into the base and adjusted for the proper deadrise offset, ensuring the beam is shooting straight down for maximum echo returns. The eco-friendly coolant is the best medium to transmit through solid fiberglass and into the surrounding water.

P75M-P95M Chirp-ready In‑hull