Airmar Technology Corporation

P39 Smart™ TRIDUCER® Multisensor/CW Transom Mount

Part NumberP39

P39 Smart™/CW TRIDUCER® Multisensor Transom Mount

60/100 W*

The P39 is our mid-size, transom-mount, TRIDUCER® Multisensor, combining depth, speed, and temperature functions in a single housing. Its hydrodynamic shape features a rounded nose which reduces the turbulence under the transducer’s acoustic face for accurate high-speed depth readings.

Airmar's Smart Sensors have embedded microelectronics—the transducer element and signal processor are only millimeters apart. The signal from the depth transducer is processed right inside the sensor itself. All that is needed to receive depth, speed, and temperature data is a single cable into a compatible network or display. Available as an analog sensor or a digital Smart Sensor that can output in NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000® protocol.

P39 Smart™/CW TRIDUCER® Multisensor Transom Mount