Airmar Technology Corporation

M422 Chirp-ready In-hull

Part NumberM422LH

M135M-M285HW-M422 Chirp-ready In‑hull

Deep water performance with no transducers protruding from the hull is what the M422 is all about. This in-hull, dual frequency wideband transducer is perfect for larger offshore fiberglass boats that are looking for deep water target performance. Operating at both low (47-52 kHz) and high frequency range (190-210 kHz), this transducer performs out to 2,000'. The M422, is a 1.5 kW wideband transducer designed for offshore vessels.

The transducer includes a plastic housing which is secured inside the hull of the boat and is filled with eco-friendly antifreeze. The transducer is inserted into the housing and adjusted for the proper dead rise offset, insuring the beam is shooting straight down. The liquid provides the best medium to transmit through the fiberglass and into the surrounding water. The benefits to the in-hull transducer are that there are no protruding features on the exterior of the hull making it the perfect choice for trailered or lifted boats. Designed for boats up to 30' with solid core, fiberglass hulls.

M135M-M285HW-M422 Chirp-ready In‑hull