Airmar Technology Corporation

M195 EchoRange+™ Smart® Sensor - 30/200 kHz Portable Survey with Developer Envelope

Part NumberM195ER+

M195 EchoRange

With Echo Envelope Developer Option. Exclusive to OEM’s. Available for purchase only through Airmar USA.

Airmar’s Smart sensors feature embedded microelectronics that process depth and temperature inside the sensor that can be instantly displayed on any device that accepts NMEA data. EchoRange technology transfers NMEA 0183 data in real time to a computer via the RS-422 standard. In addition to the bi-directional NMEA 0183 interface, a secondary transmit only interface with a proprietary protocol using RS485 is available to OEMs. The user can obtain detailed echo envelope data which may be displayed as an analog waveform. The echo envelope is a 900-point time-series of the echo amplitude. By analyzing the shape of the echo envelope, information indicative of the seafloor type is revealed.

M195 EchoRange