Airmar Technology Corporation

M135M Chirp-ready In-hull

Part NumberM135M

M135M-M285HW-M422 Chirp-ready In‑hull

1 kW

The M135M’s medium frequency delivers the right combination of coverage under the boat, extended depth range, and the ability to produce clean and accurate target and structure returns in mid to deeper water. Medium frequency also delivers excellent shallow to mid-depth performance, bottom detail, and fish-target separation. Operating at a frequency range of 85 to 135 kHz, this transducer reveals fish at medium depths up to 457 m (1500') and gives ultra-clear target resolution.

Airmar’s M135M includes a plastic mounting base which is aligned to the centerline and secured inside the hull. Then it is filled with non-toxic antifreeze. The transducer is inserted into the base and adjusted for the proper deadrise offset, ensuring the beam is shooting straight down for maximum echo returns. The eco-friendly coolant is the best medium to transmit through solid fiberglass and into the surrounding water. The major benefit of an in-hull transducer is no protruding features on the exterior of the hull, making it the perfect choice for trailered or lifted boats. Designed for smaller boats up to 11 m (36') with a solid-fiberglass hull.

M135M-M285HW-M422 Chirp-ready In‑hull