Airmar Technology Corporation

HT200 Smart™ Sensor Plastic Thru-hull

Part NumberHT200P

HT200 Smart™ Temperature Sensor Thru‑hull

High-precision Temperature

Whether you're blue-water fishing offshore or fishing along a tidal estuary, finding temperature breaks where two bodies of water collide can make the difference in locating fish. The HT200 has a large surface area that offers a super-fast, 0.15 second, time response to changes in water temperature. Simply overlay the nautical chart or sounder screen with the temperature readout and watch for temperature changes and fish strikes. Marking the line between hot and cold temperatures is crucial—and using the HT200 will ensure you don't go home empty handed!

Airmar's Smart Sensors have embedded microelectronics—the temperature sensor and signal processor are only millimeters apart. The signal is processed right inside the housing itself. All that is needed to receive temperature data is a single cable into an NMEA 2000® network.

HT200 Smart™ Temperature Sensor Thru‑hull