Airmar Technology Corporation

CM265LM Chirp-ready Cavity Mount

Part NumberCM265LM

CM265LH-CM265LM Chirp-ready Welded-tank Mount

1 kW

The CM265LM, Chirp-ready, transducer is perfect for mid to deep-water. The huge bandwidth includes many of the most popular frequencies for targeting top gamefish. This 1 kW powerhouse delivers clear target details, bottom discrimination, as well as bait and game-fish separation at all depths.

The low-frequency band, operating between 42 and 65 kHz, provides deep-water performance down to 900 m (3000'). It is a good choice when scouting an area or fishing in deeper depths. The medium-frequency band from 85 to 135 kHz is excellent for identifying targets suspended close to the bottom on structure and within the water column.

CM265LH-CM265LM Chirp-ready Welded-tank Mount