Airmar Technology Corporation

CM265LH Chirp-ready Cavity Mount

Part NumberCM265LH

CM265LH-CM265LM Chirp-ready Welded-tank Mount

1 kW

We know that specific frequencies excel at detecting certain species of fish: Bluefin Tuna—60 kHz, squid—133 kHz, and cod—175 kHz. Airmar’s CM265LH transducer includes all these frequencies plus every other frequency in the high and low bandwidth. This powerhouse delivers excellent resolution, bottom discrimination, and bait and game-fish separation at all depths.

Inside the SEALCAST™ CM265LH is a seven-element, low-frequency array that operates between 42 and 65 kHz for excellent deep-water performance. The high-frequency ceramic operates between 130 and 210 kHz with a narrow, 10° to 6°, beamwidth—perfect for picking apart structure and pinpointing tight-holding fish in structure.

CM265LH-CM265LM Chirp-ready Welded-tank Mount