Airmar Technology Corporation

B765LM Chirp-ready Thru-hull

Part NumberB765LM

B765LH-B765LM Chirp-ready Thru‑hull

300 / 600 W*

It’s a thru-hull, Chirp transducer perfectly suited for smaller fishing boats. The B765LM gives the performance of the larger transducers but in a compact package. A great combination of low and medium-frequency bands provides a wide range of depth capability and fish finding. The low-frequency band, operating from 40 to 75 kHz, provide excellent depth penetration. Meanwhile the medium frequency range of 80 to 130 kHz excels at detailed bottom structure and tight-holding fish targets in mid-depth.

The included High-performance Fairing improves broadband performance at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH).

B765LH-B765LM Chirp-ready Thru‑hull