Airmar Technology Corporation

B60 Traditional/CW Tilted Element™ Thru-hull

Part NumberB60

B260 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull

600 W

The B60 is a 600 W, 50/200 kHz transducer that integrates Airmar’s popular, Tilted Element feature. This Tilted Element transducer has the ceramic element fixed at either a 20° or 12° angle within the housing. When the transducer is installed almost flush to the hull, the tilt of the element corrects for the hull deadrise angle. By orienting the beam directly down, it ensures maximum echo returns to the transducer for more-accurate depth readings.

Available in two Tilted Element models:

  • Fixed 20° tilted version for 16 to 24° hull deadrise angles
  • Fixed 12° tilted version for 8 to 15° hull deadrise angles
B260 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull