Airmar Technology Corporation

B164 Traditional/CW Tilted Element™ Thru-hull

Part NumberB164

B164 Traditional/CW Tilted Element™ Thru‑hull

1 kW

Step up to a 1 kW—without a fairing! The 1 kW, flush-mount, Tilted Element transducer is perfect for fast, trailered vessels that cannot accommodate a High-performance Fairing. The flush-mounted, bronze housing extends less than 6.35 mm (1/4") below the hull, so it can sit on trailer rollers and bunks. The ceramic arrays are tilted inside the housing, providing the perfect vertical beam with maximum energy on what is directly below the boat.

Available in three Tilted Element models:

  • Fixed 20° tilted version for 16 to 24° hull deadrise angles
  • Fixed 12° tilted version for 8 to 15° hull deadrise angles
  • Fixed 0° tilted version for 0 to 7° hull deadrise angles
B164 Traditional/CW Tilted Element™ Thru‑hull