Airmar Technology Corporation

B150M Chirp-ready Tilted Element Thru-hull

Part NumberB150M

B117 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull

300 W

Airmar’s B150M delivers a great combination of shallow and mid-depth performance. Operating at a frequency range of 95 to 155 kHz, this transducer reveals fish in shallow waters and deeper depths down to 183 m (600') with ultra-clear target resolution. Narrow beam angles are perfect for detecting fish holding close to structures and suspended fish—ideal for freshwater, inshore, or coastal fishing in shallow to medium depth.

Tilted Element transducers have the ceramic element fixed at a 20°, 12°, or 0° angle within the housing. When the transducer is installed almost flush to the hull, the tilt of the element corrects for the hull deadrise, orienting the beam directly down. This ensures maximum echo returns to the transducer for more accurate depth readings.

Available in three Tilted Element models:

  • Fixed 20° tilted version for 16 to 24° hull deadrise angles
  • Fixed 12° tilted version for 8 to 15° hull deadrise angles
  • Fixed 0° tilted version for 0 to 7° hull deadrise angles
B117 Traditional/CW Thru‑hull