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AIRMAR Introduces New Ultrasonic Weather Multi-Sensor with Acoustic Rain Sensor

By Craig Cushman, November 30, 2018

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technology, is pleased to announce the unveiling of the 150WXRS WeatherStation®, an all-in-one ultrasonic sensor designed for real-time, site-specific weather information
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AIRMAR Announces Launch of New Website

By Craig Cushman, November 30, 2018

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technology, today launched a new website dedicated to the company’s high-performance ultrasonic WeatherStation® multisensors.
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AIRMAR Wins Product of Excellence Award at 2018 NMEA Convention

By Craig Cushman, November 19, 2018

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technology, has won the Product of Excellence Award for its SensorCheck app at the 2018 Marine Electronics Conference & Expo held Sept. 25-28 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
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Title Date
AIRMAR Introduces New Ultrasonic Weather Multi-Sensor with Acoustic Rain Sensor November 30, 2018
AIRMAR Announces Launch of New Website November 30, 2018
Airmar Wins Product of Excellence Award at 2018 NMEA Convention November 19, 2018
Airmar Becomes Title Sponsor of East Coast Captain of the Year Cup January 17, 2018
Manufacturers of Unmanned Maritime Vessels Rely on Sophisticated Sensors for Optimum Performance March 12, 2018
Airmar Introduces Two New Smart Speed Sensors February 12, 2018
Airmar Introduces New Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for OEMs June 27, 2018
Airmar Technology Now Shipping TDT1000 Transducer Diagnostic Tester February 7, 2017
Airmar Technology Acquires Former Materials Systems Inc. December 19, 2016
Airmar Named DAME Marine Electronics and Marine Related Software Category Winner December 5, 2016
Airmar Partners with Chetco Digital Instruments to Broadcast Live Weather Data at IBEX 2016 October 4, 2016
Ultrasonic WeatherStation® Instruments Now Available with a 60-Watt Heater June 1, 2016
Airmar Ultra Wide, 2kW Chirp Transducers for the Sportfishing Enthusiast Now Shipping May 24, 2016
Airmar Technology Releases Redesigned, User Friendly Website May 16, 2016
Airmar Names Guillaume Martino as Director, Sales & Business Development for Airmar EMEA July 2, 2015
Airmar Incorporates Single Band Chirp Transducer Offerings into Product Lineup June 30, 2015
Airmar Donates to Milford's SHARE Outreach Program May 19, 2015
Airmar Updates OnSiteWX App to Support iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+ April 23, 2015
Airmar Named as SBANE 2015 Finalist April 9, 2015
Airmar Opens Its Doors to Second Manufacturing Facility May 12, 2014
Airmar Launches OnSiteWX App for Real-Time, Site-Specific Weather Data April 16, 2014
Airmar Named as Presenter at World's Largest Marine Trade Show November 6, 2013
Airmar Expands Chirp Product Line with Release of Wide Beam Broadband Transducers October 17, 2013
Airmar Acquires Marport Deep Sea Technologies' Commercial Fishing Division October 14, 2013
Airmar Receives Research Grant from NHIRC August 20, 2013
Airmar Announces Open House at International Fishing Tournament June 28, 2013
Airmar Supports 2013 Sailbot International Robotic Sailing Regatta June 28, 2013
Airmar Introduces New Chirp-Ready Broadband Transducer for Hydrographic Survey Applications June 4, 2013
European Distributor Reports 67 Percent Sales Increase for Airmar's Award-Winning Chirp-Ready Broadband Transducers April 9, 2013
Increased Revenue and Steady Growth Spurs Expansion of Airmar Technology Corporation February 7, 2013
Airmar's Chirp Broadband Transducers Achieve Superior Results for Both Chirp-Ready and Non-Chirp Echosounders December 18, 2012
Airmar Announces Press Event, Dealer Training, and NMEA Seminar at METS 2012 October 31, 2012
Airmar Receives 2012 NMEA Product Award October 22, 2012
Airmar Technology Corporation Unveils New Corporate Brochure October 15, 2012
Airmar Signs on as Sponsor of International Fishing Tournament July 9, 2012
Airmar Launches Bluefin Tuna Expedition in Scotland June 20, 2012
WX Series Ultrasonic WeatherStation® Instruments Provide Best-in-Class, All-in-One Solution for Real-Time, Site-Specific Weather Information May 14, 2012
Airmar to Debut Chirp Technology at 2012 Miami International Boat Show February 1, 2012
Airmar Hires New Marketing Manager Octobter 24, 2011
Airmar Unveils New Broadband Transducers August 17, 2011
Airmar Introduces P48W 200 kHz Adjustable, Wide-Beam, Transom-Mount February 16, 2011
Airmar Acquires Former Materials Systems Inc.

Posted By Greg Trauthwein, December 19, 2016

"In addition to acquiring all the assets, MSI Transducers Corp. has retained the complete management and production staff in the CTG Littleton facility. This allows MSI to continue to provide existing and future custom sonar transducers to both defense and commercial customers without any interruption."
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SMART Sensors

METS 2016: Navico, Fusion, Airmar and Signal K

By Kees Verruijt, November 18, 2016

"The beauty for sailors is that the DX900+ can measure leeway directly, instead of inferring it from the difference between speed through water and speed over ground. As the sensor is fully symmetrical it can even measure reverse speeds accurately."
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Depth An Important Parameter For USGS Researchers In California

By Daniel Kelly, April 6, 2016

U.S. Geological Survey researchers measure depth using an Airmar EchoRange SS510 Smart Sonar Depth Sensor and a high-speed mapping system... Read the article

Chirp Transducers

Airmar Ultra-Wide 2-Kilowatt CHIRP Transducers

By Jason Y. Wood, September, 2016

Proven technology for improving sounder performance, and a wider beam can increase the sweep size, allowing anglers to spot more fish throughout the water column...
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By Jim Hendricks, September 23, 2016

Any boating angler who’s shopping for a new fish finder today will face this question: Should I buy a CHIRP sonar or stick with conventional technology...
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CHIRP Sonar or Chirp Sonar?

By Chris Woodward, August 02, 2016

Airmar's Ken Rolt discusses the difference between CHIRP and chirp revealing the truth about spread-spectrum technology...
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WeatherStation® Instruments

Choosing The Right Airmar WX Ultrasonic WeatherStation For Your Project

By Daniel Kelly, November 11, 2015

These three [WeatherStation®] options all boast the ability to gather basic weather parameters, but are ideally suited for different projects. Since it can sometimes be difficult to sift through the variation between the models, we talked to Stephen Johnson, business development manager at Airmar, who clued us into which type of weather station is best for some of the common applications out there... Read the article

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