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Tranducer Location

Airmar's Craig Cushman breaks down where a transducer should be installed on your boat.

The Best Way to Find Hull Deadrise

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on the best way to find your hull's deadrise with the Gemeco iNstall App.

Transducer University Pro Tip: In-Hull Maintenance

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives a quick rundown on in-hull transducers and the maintenance around them.

Why You Need A Fairing Block

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on why you need a fairing block.

Simplifying the Airmar Product Line

Airmar's Craig Cushman breaks down and simplifies the Airmar product line.

Understanding Transducer Types

Airmar's Craig Cushman explains the differences between transducer types and where they're best used.

Mike Smedley Striper Setup

Team Old School Captain Mike Smedley gives Airmar's own, Craig Cushman, a rundown of his current Airmar transom mount setup.

Mike Smedley Transom Mount

Airmar Transducer University - Mike Smedley Transom Mount Setup

Airmar TM165HW Transducer

Unlock the true potential of your fishfinder!

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AIRMAR's DX900+ Mulitilog Sensor

No matter what type of racing you do, it’s important to get every ounce of speed out of your boat. Airmar’s new dual axis, electromagnetic multifunction sensor is exactly the advantage you need. The DX900+ measures transverse and longitudinal speed which instantaneously calculates leeway angle and speed through water with no latency.

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The UDST800 From AIRMAR Technology

Airmar’s new UDST800 just turned your maintenance time into more cruising time…and made your boat smarter too. Ultrasonic speed, depth and temperature in one single housing with no moving parts makes this sensor a high precision, low maintenance solution for use on power and sail boats of all types and sizes. Say goodbye to paddlewheel maintenance and hello to Smart technology, from the company who invented the Smart™ Sensor.

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TDT1000 Overview

This video gives conveys a quick informative overview of the Airmar transducer diagnostic tester the TDT1000.

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TDT1000 In Depth

In this video Craig Cushman and Joe Natalino discuss the best ways to get the most out of Airmar's transducer diagnostic tester, the TDT1000.

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Category Winner: Airmar Technology DX900+ Multilog

Airmar founder and CEO, Stephen Boucher, discusses the award winning DX900+ MultiLog sensor at the METSRADE Show.


Rob Moore Captain of the Fa-La-Mae Discusses the Advantage of CHIRP

Rob Moore a 25 year veteran captain has found that his CHIRP transducer, the B265LM, is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. Capable of marking fish at different ranges in the water column, and differentiate between groups of bait fish and game fish as well as its ability to track bottom make this transducer a versatile fishing tool.

Parker Bankston - Team Galati 66

The Team Galati boat is equiped with a CM275LHW, which Parker uses to mark balls of bait-fish that can be key to finding larger game fish.

Mike Kennedy Discusses Deep Water, and CHIRP

Equipped with the CM599 Captain Mike Kennedy, of the El Cazador, has no problem spotting billfish. Mike has been impressed with the transducers ability to track bottom, even at incredible depths of over 13,000'! But with CHIRPS ability to monitor multiple frequencies Mike can mark targets with crystal clarity at the most important depths in the water column.

Bryce Garvey Captain of Georgie Girl

Bryce Garvey, Captain of the 72' Merritt sport boat Georgie Girl talks about the advantages of fishing for Marlin with his CHIRP sounder system. With a combination of the CM 275LH-W and R509 CHIRP transducers Marlin will have a tough time evading this seasoned fisherman.

Team Scandinavian Trolling

Team Scandanavian trolling for fish with Airmar CHRIP transducers.

How To Retrofit An Airmar Transducer Into An Existing Housing

How To Replace Paddlewheel Carrier

How to Identify an Installed Transducer

How To Install an In-Hull Transducer

Replacement O-ring Kit Install on an Airmar TRIDUCER Multisensor Insert

Airmar B175M Refit Install

Interpreting SensorCheck Results

Here is a tutorial for how to interpret your results from the TDT1000 Transducer Diagnostic Tester.

How to Install a Thru-Hull Transducer

FIND FISH FAST!! How to install Airmar B164 1kW Low Profile Tilted Element Transducer for SIMRAD. VERY FAST INSTALLATION! Mark fish at full throttle! Incredibly FAST, CLEAR marks on plane. Find Fish Like WE DO!

Good vs. Bad Transducer Installation

How good vs. bad transducer installation affects performance.

Chirp Transducer vs. Traditional Transducer

Here is a quick SIMULTANEOUS comparison between 2 inexpensive Airmar transducers. Traditional P66 and CHIRP TM150.

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