Proven Performance in the Harshest Environments

Weather impacts every aspect of operations for offshore platforms, ships, and in ports. Rapid changes in weather and sea conditions make monitoring of both meteorological and oceanographic parameters a critically important part of ensuring safety, while also maintaining operational efficiency.

Reliable environmental monitoring is critical for various offshore needs. The 200WX provides accurate and dependable weather information to assure safe and efficient operations. The numerous sensors contained in the compact size of the 200WX is an attractive feature for installations where space is limited, such as on buoys, USVs, and AUVs. Having worked with many autonomous vehicle and buoy OEMs, AIRMAR has further developed the 200WX to meet the operational challenges of the harsh ocean environment and is IPX7 rated.

The WeatherStation® WX Series products offer a truly best-in-class solution at a better price point than any other weather monitoring system on the market today, enabling individuals and professionals the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time site-specific weather information.

The 200WX-IPX7 WeatherStation instrument accurately measures current weather conditions including:

  • Theoretical wind speed and direction
  • Air temperature and calculated wind chill
  • Barometric pressure
  • GPS position, speed over ground, course over ground
  • Three-axis solid state compass with dynamic stabilization
  • Three-axis rate gyro for rate of turn
  • Best-in-class pitch and roll accuracy
  • IPX7 water proof rating
  • Low current draw

View Our WX Model for the Offshore Weather Monitoring Industry

Dynamic Moving
Vehicle Applications


Apparent wind speed and angle checkmark
Theoretical wind speed and direction checkmark
Ultrasonic wind readings up to 90 mph (78 knots, 40 m/s) checkmark
Barometric pressure checkmark
Air temperature plus calculated wind chill checkmark
Output options include:
  • NMEA 0183 (RS422) and NMEA2000® (CAN)
  • NMEA 0183 (RS232) and NMEA2000® (CAN)
10 Hz GPS (Position, COG, SOG) checkmark
IPX7 waterproof rating checkmark
Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll checkmark
Three-axis solid-state compass with dynamic stabilization:
  • Better than 1° static compass accuracy
  • Best-in-class 2° dynamic compass accuracy
Three-axis rate gyro:
  • Rate-of-turn data
  • Best-in-class pitch and roll

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