Real-Time, Site-Specific Weather Information

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications require diverse vehicle mounted weather sensor types and the ability to provide theoretical wind speed and direction to address moving weather sensing applications. Mobile applications include {but not limited to} the following:

  • Intelligent Transportation—What are the local road conditions? What is our proper response? Salt, sand, close road?
  • Local Weather Data via Mobile Sensing—Collecting weather data as we drive provides a hyper-local view of the road conditions over a specific metropolitan area or region.
  • Road Construction—Are the conditions optimal/acceptable for asphalt paving?
  • Spraying: Agriculture, Insect and Vegetation Control—Are the weather conditions legally acceptable to apply?

The AIRMAR WX Series is unique because it calculates both theoretical and apparent wind speed and direction.

All WeatherStation® WX models have our core data sensors delivering: WindBarometric PressureTemperatureGPSCompass

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airmar-150wx-weatherstation airmar-200wx-weatherstation airmar-200wxh-weatherstation
Apparent wind speed and angle checkmark checkmark checkmark
Theoretical wind speed and direction checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ultrasonic wind readings up to 90 mph (78 knots, 40 m/s) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Barometric pressure checkmark checkmark checkmark
Air temperature plus calculated wind chill checkmark checkmark checkmark
10 Hz GPS (Position, COG, SOG) checkmark checkmark checkmark
IPX6 waterproof rating checkmark checkmark
IPX7 waterproof rating checkmark
Output options include:
  • NMEA 0183 (RS422) and NMEA 2000® (CAN Bus)
  • NMEA 0183 (RS232) and NMEA 2000® (CAN Bus)
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Optional field-serviceable relative humidity (RH):
  • Calculated dew point
  • Calculated heat index (IPX4 waterproof rating with RH Option)
Two-axis solid state compass checkmark
Three-axis solid state compass with dynamic stabilization:
  • Better than 1° static compass accuracy
  • Best-in-class pitch and roll accuracy
checkmark checkmark
Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll checkmark checkmark checkmark
Three-axis rate gyro:
  • Rate-of-turn data
  • Best-in-class pitch and roll
checkmark checkmark

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