Brands and Distributors

Airmar® EMEA

Airmar® EMEA, located in Saint-Malo, France, distributes Airmar Technology Corporation's line of transducers for fishfinding and instruments, NMEA sensors and accessories, WeatherStation® instruments, GPS and heading sensors, and marine electronic accessories throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Gemeco Marine Accessories, LLC

Gemeco Marine Accessories is a wholesale distributor to thousands of marine electronics dealers throughout the USA and abroad. With over 30 years serving the marine electronics industry, we are clearly regarded as the industry experts in transducer selection, placement and technical assistance. We also offer an array of additional marine accessories, including NMEA networking components, radar mounts, antenna and GPS mountings, electrical and wiring accessories, hard-to-find and specialty marine connectors, wireless communication devices and a broad range of installation and diagnostic tools. 


Marport was founded in Iceland in 1996 to develop acoustic monitoring systems for the deep sea commercial fishing fleet. The company's commercial activities were led by founder Oskar Axelsson from his office in Reykjavik. In October of 2013 Marport Deep Sea Technology was acquired by Airmar Technology. Airmar began collaborating with Marport in 2006 and has a history of working together to develop products that have been successfully commercialized. Airmar and Marport will continue to jointly develop new products in the same manner, but will focus heavily on bringing new products to market quickly, improving lead times for existing products, and improving distribution channels.

MSI Transducers Inc.

MSI was founded in 1991 as a manufacturer of advanced transducer materials for ultrasound applications. From these pioneering materials technology roots, the company has grown into a leading worldwide supplier of engineered and manufactured components and assemblies for high technology systems customers. Our custom-designed products range from acoustic transducers for underwater sonar to industrial ultrasound systems.

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