Visit Us at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show

The 2015 Miami International Boat Show will be in full swing next week (the show begins Feb. 12th), and Airmar is exhibiting at booth #2508 in the Marine Market section of the show. If you are planning to be in attendance at the show make sure to visit us, as we will be showing off the newest products for the 2015 fishing season.

Making sure that a transducer installation has gone well can be tricky, and a bad installation can disrupt the signal quality of even the best transducer. To eliminate the guess work Airmar has developed the TDT1000, a device that can connect to your installed transducer, and test it against the original factory approved test results. The TDT1000 is able to sync with any Bluetooth LE enabled iOS or Android device through Airmar’s custom app to display test results from your transducer as well as comparisons from Airmar’s own database. The TDT1000 is coming soon in 2015!

Come see a sneak peek in Miami!

Airmar's Booth

On The Water with Rob Moore: Interview at the 2014 Big Game Classic

rob-mooreRob Moore has captained a boat for twenty five years. A serial tournament fisherman, Rob spends eight to ten months a year fishing throughout the Caribbean the Bahamas and up to Bermuda as captain of the Fa-La-Me. “Now we are here [in Bermuda] for a month, and when we get done with these tournaments we’re going straight to St. Thomas and we’ll be doing that.”

Equipped on the Fa-La-Me is an Airmar B265 L/M CHIRP transducer, which the crew won at a previous Bermuda Big Game Tournament “A couple years ago we won the CHIRP system in our boat, and we absolutely love it… we definitely use it for tournament fishing and blue marlin fishing.”

The B265 L/M covers dual bandwidths, with a low frequency ranging from 42 – 65 kHz, and a medium frequency operating between 85 – 135 kHz.  The medium frequency is perfect for scanning the mid-water column, while the low frequency allows for deep water, and bottom tracking. “We do a lot of duel zoom, where I’m reading the bottom, but also trying to mark blue marlin. When we are back home it’s to mark the bait for sail fishing.” The medium frequency on the B265 is excellent for marking targets in the water column with high enough definition that it is possible to distinguish between species.


Watch the interview with Rob Moore


On the Water with Parker Bankston: Interview at the 2014 Bermuda Big Game Classic

Parker-Bankston-Team-GalatiMarlin are magnificent hunters of the deep sea. Searching out schools of baitfish, such as anchovies or ballyhoo, they will use their large spear-like bills to stun and skewer their prey. Using their speed, marlin will charge straight into schools causing chaos among the prey. In defense baitfish will form into tight swirling balls, known as baitballs.

Parker Bankston and the crew of Team Galati’s new Viking vessel—on the hunt for marlin and other game fish—know that finding a baitball can be the difference between hooking up with a big catch and having a slow day on the water. Luckily Team Galati is equipped with one of the best transducers for this purpose, the CM275LH-W.

“We’re using it totally trying to mark balls of bait,” said Parker of his CHIRP transducer. “For us it’s in the top four hundred to top twelve hundred feet of water.” With a high frequency band of 150 – 250 kHz the CM275LH-W is an excellent choice for detecting targets at this depth range. The unit is capable of providing high definition images, allowing easy differentiation between baitfish and gamefish underneath the boat.

But where Airmar’s wide beam CHIRP transducers really shine is the constant 25° beam angle across the entire high frequency bandwidth. “It’s amazing to be able to scan a larger area to help determine whether you need to be turning left or right. If you turn right, and that fish was there, that can really change your day.”

Team G

Watch the interview with Parker Bankston now.

To find out more about the CM275LH-W visit our product page. 

On the Water with Mike Kennedy: Interview at the 2014 Bermuda Big Game Classic

In January of 1784 the Spanish Brig of War, El Cazador, sailed from Spain to Mexico where it was loaded with gold and silver to aid the colony of Louisiana. But not a single piece of eight made it to the ships final destination, the port city of New Orleans. In the Gulf of Mexico, whether by storm or pirate attack, the ship sank and the Spanish fortune was lost in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now the name El Cazador (which means ‘The Hunter’ in English) lives on in the 65’ sportfishing boat captained by Mike Kennedy; patrolling from Panama to Bermuda and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the search for billfish. To help with this search, El Cazador is equipped with the Airmar CM599LM CHIRP broadband transducer.

Perfect for fishing in deep waters, the powerful CM599LM is capable of tracking bottom at incredible depths. “On my trip from North Carolina to Bermuda this year, I actually marked 13,500 feet,” recalled Mike. “It was just phenomenal!” But raw power isn’t the only advantage that the CM599LM brings.

el cazador

El Cazador on the hunt.

The medium frequency of the transducer, which operates in the range of 80-130 kHz, is perfect for spotting marlin and other gamefish. Outperforming older technologies, with crystal clear images of what lies underneath the water.

Watch the video with Mike Kennedy, Captain of El Cazador now.

To find out more about the CM599LM, visit our product page.

METS Marine Equipment Trade Show 2014

METS-2014-logoThe largest trade show in the world for marine electronics begins November 18th in Amsterdam. With over 1,300 exhibitors at this year’s METS Trade Show (from 39 different countries), there are sure to be many unique and innovative products present this year. Airmar is pleased to be a part of this exciting event, presenting our newest, innovative product offerings for the marine market.

Airmar will be exhibiting at Stand # 01.205.  This year we will be highlighting our updated line of WX WeatherStation® instruments with built in heaters. The newest WX units will soon be available with a built in 60-watt heater designed to prevent icing on the surface of the unit. WX WeatherStation® units are the premier technology for site-specific weather monitoring. It provides real-time weather data to your NMEA device, PC, and now (via the OnSite-WX app) to iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Also on display will be Airmar’s newest line of single-band CHIRP transducers. Unlike our line of broadband CHIRP transducers this new line of CHIRP products will only cover one frequency band; covering a low, medium, or high frequency range. We are pleased to bring this innovative technology to the everyday fisherman in a low-cost, low power product.  AIRMAR’s single band CHIRP product line will give us a chance to expand the market to shallow to mid-water fisherman in salt and freshwater environments.

We hope to see you at the METS Trade Show this year!

Visit our website for information on upcoming Airmar events

On the Water with Bryce Garvey: Interview at the 2014 Bermuda Big Game Classic

Watch the interview with Bryce Garvey


The Big Game Classic is one of the largest billfishing tournaments in the world and Airmar has been participating in this great event for the past few years. At the event we were able to meet with some of the captains that fish these tournaments on a regular basis to find out what they thought about using CHIRP technology on a daily basis.

Bryce Garvey, the 15-year veteran captain of the 72’ Merritt sport boat ‘Georgie Girl’ had great things to say about his CHIRP technology system. Georgie Girl is decked out for marlin fishing and the boat is a common participant in some of the biggest tournament fishing events in both the Atlantic and Pacific. Sporting both an R509 and a CM275LH-W Bryce finds that this combination covers his needs very well.

For shallow water fishing, structure fishing and fishing in 600’ to 1000’ of water the CM275LH-W is excellent, providing detailed images of bottom structures and distinctly marking game fish. The R509 fills another roll; achieving deep water depths and providing contour lines which is perfect for the waters off of Bermuda.

fishing boat Georgie Girl

Bryce is a seasoned participant of the tournament fishing circuits, so when he says that CHIRP “the best technology I’ve seen to come out of the sport fishing industry in the past two to three years” we take that as a serious compliment.

Watch the interview with Bryce Garvey

Stay tuned next week for our interview with Mike Kennedy, Captain of El Cazador.

Airmar EMEA’s Bertrand Picarda makes the cover of Pêche en Mer

Just last week the French magazine Pêche en Mer published an article featuring Airmar EMEA’s very own Bertrand Picarda. Bertrand was invited by Christophe Botherel ( Furuno France sportfishing prostaff ) to fish for seabass with journalist Jean-Marrie Thierry. Fishing conditions were excellent, and the boaters were able to find and catch a large number of fish. Of course the trip wasn’t just about catching fish, but testing out  Airmar’s TM275LH-W CHIRP transducer.

With its 25° beamwidth across the high frequencies, the TM275LH-W CHIRP Transducer is capable of giving clear, and detailed images of what is under the boat. Differentiating baitfish from weeds, and background noise, and clearly showing larger predator fish.

Bertrand may have been there to give background information on CHIRP, and help flesh out the technical aspects of the product, but he was also able to participate in some excellent fishing, and was lucky enough to bring in the largest fish of the day that made the cover of the magazine’s front page. 

airmar - Peche en Mar

Bertrand Picarda holds the largest catch of the trip for Pêche en Mer



Airmar Launches OnSiteWX App for Real-Time, Site-Specific Weather Data

WeatherCaster™ functionality now available on iOS devices for stationary or mobile applications

MILFORD, NH. (April 16, 2014) –AIRMAR Technology Corporation is pleased to launch the innovative OnSiteWX App for iOS devices which allows users instant access to critical weather data with the touch of a button. This new, free app brings the power of AIRMAR WeatherStation® Instruments and Smart Sensors to your Apple mobile devices. It is now possible to stream live data from your instruments over an NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183 network with a WiFi connection to view on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Night Mode Screen Shot

Screenshot of data provided by an Airmar WX WeatherStation®

“We are pleased to introduce a simple, user-friendly app to view all your weather data at your location whether you’re on land or at sea,” stated Irene Robb, WeatherStation Business Development Manager at AIRMAR Technology Corporation.

The OnSiteWX app provides access to up to 30 data points. Users now have a portable reference to this data, which can be on a fixed or networked display, such as a ship’s computer. Individual or custom pages can be configured to include just the information you need, when you need it. The app also contains a demonstration mode that plays back the log of a fishing trip and will include a data logging feature in the next revision of the app.

Additional gauges for engine, fuel, and tanks are available for both single and dual engine interfaces through an in-app purchase. Currently, the app works with DMK, ShipModul, and Chetco WiFi adapters but will also be compatible with Lowrance/Simrad and Digital Yacht adapters in the next version.

Custom screen image from OnSiteWX App

Screenshot of a custom designed screen from the new OnSiteWX App

Features include:

• Apparent Wind
• Position
• System Time
• Water Depth
• Water Temperature
• Speed Over Water
• Speed Over Ground
• COG/Magnetic North
• Heading/Magnetic North
• COG/True North
• Heading/True North
• True Wind/Magnetic North
• True Wind/True North
• True Wind
• Apparent Wind/Close-Hauled
• Air Pressure
• WeatherStation Voltage
• Battery Banks 1, 2, and 3
• Outside Temperature
• Inside Temperature
• Engine Room Temperature
• Main Cabin Temperature
• Live Well Temperature
• Bait Well Temperature
• Refrigeration Temperature
• Heating System Temperature
• Freezer Temperature
• Air Temperature
• Pitch & Roll
• Heading

The OnSiteWX app is available through the Apple App Store by searching
for “Airmar”, “WeatherStation” or “WeatherCaster” or by going to


NMEA Seminar Focuses on Award-Winning CHIRP Technology


METS Trade Show LogoMETS 2013 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) is the world’s largest trade exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for the international recreational marine industry. AIRMAR announced today their role as a leading presenter at the show’s ConnectFest & Educational Seminar Series presented by NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association).


AIRMAR’s seminar titled ‘CHIRP Sonar’ will focus on the company’s award-winning CHIRP broadband transducers and the revolution that has fueled the development of today’s most sophisticated echosounders. Jennifer Matsis, vice president of sales and marketing quoted, “METS is a perfect platform to showcase the latest marine innovations and NMEA’s ConnectFest will provide us with a targeted audience of customers interested in understanding the benefits of CHIRP technology.” She added, “AIRMAR’s seminar will explore the differences between traditional fishfinders and CHIRP systems, offer advice on proper transducer selection and installation, and provide an update on the latest CHIRP technology, including our company’s new Wide Beam Transducers.”


The AIRMAR seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 20th at 11:15AM in Room D203 (located in the Holland Complex entrance, stand ENT.02 – first floor). The ConnectFest and NMEA produced seminars are free admission and open to the public. To reserve your seat for the AIRMAR event, please RSVP to Jen Piper at by November 15th.AIRMAR Technology Corporation is also an exhibitor at METS. To experience the company’s entire product line, visit AIRMAR at Stand 01.207.

AIRMAR Expands CHIRP Product Line With Release of Wide Beam Broadband Transducers

MILFORD, NH. (October 17, 2013) – AIRMAR Technology Corporation is pleased to
announce the expansion of the company’s award-winning CHIRP broadband transducers with the introduction of a new wide beam product line offering an expanded high frequency range of 150kHz to 250kHz. “The development of our new transducers is a direct result of feedback from our customers wanting all of the benefits of CHIRP products plus wider, high frequency beam angles,” stated Jennifer Matsis, vice president of sales and marketing. “In addition to expanded bandwidth, anglers using the new wide beam transducers will achieve more than twice the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency CHIRP transducers,” added Matsis. All 275LH-W series models will provide a low frequency option along with the new high frequency range of 150kHz to 250kHz.

A unique property of the new wide beam transducers is that the beam width is a
constant 25 degrees across the entire frequency band. Traditionally, high frequency transducers have narrow beam widths that change with frequency. Now, in addition to providing vast bottom coverage and improved fish detection in the upper water column, AIRMAR’s new wide beam format enables echosounders with advanced digital processing to produce crisper and larger return images on the fishfinder display. The new wide beam transducers are ideal for marking bait and game fish in shallow to mid water depths of 300 – 600 feet.


Since the company’s launch of CHIRP broadband transducers less than two years ago,
most major marine electronics manufacturers have incorporated CHIRP technology into their fishfinder product lines. In addition to providing the enabling technology for CHIRP-ready fishfinders, AIRMAR’s CHIRP broadband transducers enhance fish detection on virtually all of today’s fishfinders, including many non-CHIRP machines. With the ability to adjust frequency, an echosounder with advanced digital processing can operate AIRMAR’s broadband ceramics anywhere in the entire frequency band of 28 kHz – 250kHz. “CHIRP has completely revolutionized the way professional and sport fishing enthusiasts are using technology to find fish,” Matsis quoted. AIRMAR’s new wide beam CHIRP broadband transducers will be available in several mounting options to accommodate transom, pocket, tank and thru-hull installations.